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Our Area of Practice
LITIGATION Aggressive Israeli Litigation, Appellate Practice, Business Litigation, Complex Business Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Contract Litigation, Corporate Litigation, Enforcement of Foreign Judgments, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Litigation – Israeli and international, Intellectual Property Litigation, Civil Litigation, Trial Practice.
FRAUD INVESTIGATION AND LITIGATION Asset Recovery, Commercial Fraud, Money Laundering, Contract Fraud, Corporate Investigations, Civil Fraud, International and Government Investigations.
CORPORATE AND BUSINESS Business Combinations,  Business Planning, Sale of Goods,  Incorporation, Foreign Investment, Civil Practice, Foreign Investments in Israel and in the United States, Investment Management, Business Acquisitions, Mergers and Acquisitions.
INTERNATIONAL Sovereign Immunity, Diplomatic Immunity and Law, Consular Immunity and Law, International Litigation, International Arbitration, International Distribution, International Licensing, International Business Law, International Joint Ventures, Joint Ventures, International Child Custody, International Collections, International Commercial Law, International Intellectual Property, International Mergers and Acquisitions.
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Trademarks, Trademark Infringement Litigation, Trademark Licensing, Trademark Registration, Piracy, Copyright Infringement Litigation, Copyright Protection.
LABOR DISPUTE Labor Litigation, Employment Agreement, Relocation Agreement.
GOVERNMENT REGULATIONS Administrative Appeals, Zoning Litigation, Government Bids and Tenders.